Dentistry LIVE

  • Seminars for the whole team
  • Speakers include Jack Griffin, Gilberto Debelian, Amit Patel and lots more...
  • A learning zone dedicated to variety, designed to engage and delight
Jack Griffin  SQUARE

Jack Griffin

Let’s grow tooth: using bioactive/regenerative materials

  • The regenerative environment… why, how, and what materials
  • Learn about the latest in regenerative materials such as dentine liners for dentine sealing, pulp capping, and thermal insulation for increased comfort and restoration success
  • Compare the techniques for contact formation and how to simplify finishing using the latest in matrix systems.
TR portrait  SQUARE

Tara Renton

Minimising and managing nerve injuries in relation to dentistry

  • Become familiar with recognising and minimising risk to the trigeminal nerve when undertaking dental procedures
  • Understand the importance of preventing nerve injuries and the impact on those patients affected
  • Develop a better strategy for assessing and identifying patients at high risk and know when to refer or treat.
Gilberto debelportrait  SQUARE

Gilberto Debelian

Three-dimensional endodontics

  • Learn how to improve patients’ clinical outcomes
  • Better understand the biological requirements for successful endodontics
  • Appreciate the limitations of traditional canal shaping techniques which treat canals as symmetrical
  • Understand the physical and clinical characteristics of the new XP ENDO Finishers, whose patented memory shape NiTi MaxWire changes to a pre-curved Martensitic shape within the canal
  • Learn how to use XP ENDO Finishers alongside your current canal shaping technique and instruments
  • Understand how XP ENDO Finishers allow you to more effectively clean canals based on their real, 3 dimensional shape while preserving dentine
  • Understand the role of new pre-mixed bioceramic sealers and how to use them to obturate the whole canal.
Amit Patel  SQUARE

Amit Patel

Periodontics: simple treatment can reap huge rewards for our patients – and the clinicians too!

  • Plan how to explain to your patients they have a problem when they don’t perceive it to be a problem
  • Utilise the British Society of Periodontology guidelines to diagnose and classify periodontitis and manage the disease with simple therapies
  • Learn how to avoid periodontal litigation with clear concise notes and a good explanation of periodontal disease.
Robert Co  SQUARE

Robert Convissar

Lasers in periodontics and restorative dentistry

  • Become familiar with the use of lasers for specific procedures found in a periodontal and prosthetics-driven practice
  • Incorporate this knowledge into a basis for determining which laser wavelength is most appropriate for your practice
  • Incorporate hard and soft tissue laser dentistry into your practice first thing tomorrow morning.

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