Minimally Invasive Dentistry

  • The practise of minimally invasive dentistry laid bare
  • 7 leading dental experts in MID
  • Learn how to increase your profitability with MID
  • Chaired by Stephen Hancocks and supported by Kings College London
  • Designed to cover all aspects of MID, from business to legal to technique
Avijit Banerjee cut out  SQUARE

Avijit Banerjee

The art and science of ‘MI’ practice: rational, evidence and clinical tips

  • Develop an understanding of the ‘MI’ concept
  • Appreciate the role of the oral healthcare team in the delivery of patient-centred MI dentistry
  • Receive an overview of the clinical techniques/materials available for disease detection, prevention and operative management.
Harris Sidelsky  SQUARE

Harris Sidelsky

Restoring the MI way OR falling in love with enamel and dentine

  • Master how to decide whether a cavity is growing or arrested and how persuade patients to embrace the reparative process necessary to arrest caries
  • Learn to restore D1 to D3 interstitial lesions in a minimally invasive way
  • Successfully achieve contacts and contours and choose which matrix system is the best.
Ben Atkins  SQUARE

Ben Atkins

Minimally invasive dentistry: the business of making skill mix work?

  • Recognise what factors are affecting your business and how MI dentistry can help you develop your business
  • Visualise the dentist’s role of the future
  • Understand what a dental business should look like.
Roger Mathews  SQUARE

Roger Matthews

MI dentistry: making it work

  • Learn the application of MI from marketing to delivery and how it can maximise income, motivate individuals and maintain inspiration
  • Assess the practical application of MI techniques in primary care practice
  • Learn to manage your practice team with an MI approach.
Len D'Cruz

Len D'Cruz

Dento-legal challenges in implementing MI dentistry

  • Review the dento-legal implications of MI dentistry
  • Guidance on consent, record keeping and improving the process of consent by providing appropriate information and advice
  • Improve your record keeping for MI dentistry.
Bhupinder Dawett  SQUARE

Bhupinder Dawett

MI in everyday practice: an all encompassing approach

  • Learn how to use new innovations and technologies, from prevention and identification through to treatment and recall for patients
  • Gain an understanding of the utilisation of the team in practising MI
  • Appreciate the need for a minimal intervention approach in a quality driven practice.
David bridges  SQUARE

David Bridges

Curing caries? Practical caries risk assessment and management for DCPs

  • Acquire an appreciation of the medical model of caries and its management
  • A practical starting point for implementing a DCP-driven caries risk assessement approach.

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