World Aesthetic Congress

  • Discover what topics are causing a stir in modern day aesthetic dentistry
  • Coachman, Khanna, Smithson and loads more
  • Facial aesthetics, interdisciplinary dentistry, resin realities and more
  • Join the speakers post lecture for a hands-on workshop
  • A learning zone dedicated to advanced aesthetic development

Dominic Hassall

Minimally invasive dentistry 

  • Cover the role of MID in improving functional occlusion
  • Review the orthodontic and functional /aesthetic interface
  • Evaluate what can be achieved with different orthodontic techniques
  • Understand the role of GDP and specialist orthodontics
  • Appreciate the importance of MID in improving functional occlusion.
Jason Smithson  SQUARE

Jason Smithson

Everyday resin realities: simple solutions to complex problems

  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to confidently approach more demanding cases
  • Master the management of occlusion with direct resin: from simple adjustment-free class I restorations through to complex re-organisation of anterior guidance
  • Learn to manage discolored tooth substrates with predictable vital and non-vital nightguard bleaching in combination with direct resin bonding.
Olha Vorodukhini-colour  SQUARE

Olha Vorodyukhina

Dentistry and facial aesthetics: a perfect match? The advantages of performing facial aesthetics as a dentist

  • Analyse how and why to use non-surgical procedures in the dental practice
  • Gain information about current regulations for non-surgical treatments and aesthetic clinics
  • Learn about education in treatment planning for facial aesthetic patients.

*Includes live demo

Bob Khanna  SQUARE

Bob Khanna

The current face of dentistry for the progressive dentist

  • Learn how to incorporate facial aesthetics into your existing dental practice
  • Identify what botulinum toxin and dermal fillers are and the range available to dentists
  • Walk away with tips for intraoral and extraoral assessment prior to treatment planning.
Christian Coachman_Portrait SQUARE

Christian Coachman

The smile design revolution

  • Discover how to become a better smile designer, because smile design is the primary principle of any modern treatment plan (facially-driven treatment plans)
  • Learn how to interact with patients to enhance the value of our treatment and increase case acceptance through the new concept of emotional dentistry
  • Gain a better understanding of the aesthetic issues and better insight into the various possible interdisciplinary solutions.
Elliot Mechanic SQUARE

Elliot Mechanic

Interdisciplinary dentistry: the restorative quarterback

  • Learn how the restorative dentist serves as the quarterback when establishing a comprehensive dental treatment plan
  • Examine the importance of meticulous treatment planning
  • Explore ways of creatively cutting treatment time from years to months.

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